Christopher Holmes

For the last six years he has led and developed a group of consultants working with Small Buisness, Education and Enterprise customers. Christopher provides a warm and personal experience when consulting or training. With a background in Pro Apps as well as IT he is well poised to work with clients of varying backgrounds and needs.

Professional Experience - Highlighted Projects Include:

  • AARP: The 2012 AARP annual conference was held in New Orleans in September 2012.  Members of the Apple Consultants Network were hired to support AARP’s digital program, which featured the distribution of 1000 iPads, providing device and app training classes, and providing onsite help desk support to over 4000 AARP attendees.  Christopher was asked to lead a small team of the ACN members in delivering the Apple Consultants Network Help Desk during the conference. The results exceeded expectations in so many ways, it is hard to encapsulate. Ultimately the true value was the experience of the conference attendees. 


  • Baldwin County School System, AL: Christopher helped refine a large scale Apple Macintosh Education Deployment. This included image building, life cycle management and high-level technical training. We assisted in the deployment and configuration of 35,000 Macs to over 45 schools.


  • Apple:. Christopher is an Apple Certified Trainer and part of Apple Professional Services (APS), which allows him work on behalf of Apple, Inc.

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