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Privacy is a fundamental human right.

We have evaluated technologies built around user and business privacy and curated offers to help you navigate through these options, make recommendations tailored to your organization, help enforce policies and review digital security methods.

Password Policies

Enforcing policies around the creation of passwords can ensure that sensitive data remains locked behind strong keys. Further implementing features like Two-Factor Authentication and password expiration dates can help with the prevention of identity theft and customer data protection.

Remote Wipe

Keep your corporate data separate from your employees’ data. Remotely wipe corporate data when needed without affecting user experience and privacy.

Managed Apps

Managing employee apps does not require complicated solutions. Easily distribute content to devices in a way that is kept separate from the user’s data, maintaining security and privacy.

Patch Management

Keep track of system patches and updates to deploy to devices within the organization, ensuring latest fixes and features are available to all users.

Network Security

By monitoring activity and staying on top of you network infrastructure, you can ensure data flow is kept private and mitigate angles of attack.

Data Encryption

Implement data encryption technologies, for both current data and backups, to ensure no one can see or access the data without the encryption key.


24/7 monitoring of your systems and devices allows for a rapid response in case of critical system updates, encryption status and more.

Technologies built around privacy.

System & Network Monitoring

System and network monitoring can help identify issues before they arise.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Single Sign-On or SSO, allows users to authenticate to computers and services using usernames a passwords that are centralized and managed by the organization, with ability to enforce password policies and Two-Factor authentication.


With a proper Firewall configuration, you can maintain control of who can access your network, block services and identify threats.

Access Control

With Access Control guidelines and procedures you can enforce control of who can access corporate data through a combination of digital and physical access. With digital access control you can apply network restrictions, private network nodes, require authentication and more.

Encrypted Traffic

Encrypted connections, specially over the internet, allows for devices to establish secured connections to websites and services where they can safely transmit sensitive data in a way that others cannot intercept. This chain of trust is created between devices when the connection is initiated.

Differential Privacy

Differential Privacy is a method of collecting information about a dataset in way that the information is not identifiable to specific individuals or organizations. Implementing services that offer Differential Privacy is a great to way to increase the privacy of your data.

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